About Topaz

Topaz’s team, working collectively or in various combinations, have a track record of success in north, central and west Texas oil and natural gas ventures. Building on our respective achievements and experiences, we are poised to fully exploit the production potential and financial upside of our project inventory.

The Topaz team has accumulated an enviable lease position and experience level in drilling wells and advancing projects. We have a “first hand” insight into the energy opportunities in north, central and west Texas thereby creating a competitive advantage. Our group is established in the area, with offices and operations in north Texas. We have the personnel and equipment to execute our plans and the experience to understand the risks and opportunities. We have a proven ability to get wells drilled and have good relationships with drilling and field service businesses in north, central and west Texas.

 The Topaz team includes key professionals that collectively represent over 150 years of experience in all aspects of developing and managing energy projects and in running private and public companies. Our team has been involved in operating well and field activities, in building and running drilling rigs, in leasing mineral rights and in attracting appropriate financing. Strategically, these involvements in the drilling and operating businesses provide Topaz a functional presence and an accumulated experience in all aspects of the north, central and west Texas energy business.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to increase shareholder value, to enhance cash flows and to grow our proven reserve values by pursuing an “acquire and develop” strategy of:

  • Remaining focused in our area of operation within north, central and west Texas where our team has a competitive advantage;
  • Driving growth through internally generated projects;
  • Exploiting and drilling core properties to increase revenue and cash flow and to maximize reserve growth;
  • Strategic reserve and leasehold acquisitions to supplement cashflow and to complement our “acquire and develop” growth strategy;
  • Achieving operational control of our properties to manage our costs and development schedules;
  • Maintaining a conservative financial position to preserve our financial flexibility; and
  • Positioning to monetize assets as markets and opportunities warrant.